Need something to protect that noggin' of yours?  We have brain buckets galore including helmets from Smith, Giro, Oakey, Salomon, Poc and K2


We have all your goggle needs from large frames to small frames, from dark lenses for bright days to low light lenses for overcast days or night skiing.  Come check out our selection of goggles from Oakley, Smith, Anon, Scott and Giro!

Hats and Warm Stuff

What separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize - at least that's what I've heard:)  We have thin hats, thick hats, windproof hats, baseball hats and just plain fashionable hats!  To go along with our hats, we have face masks, neck gators, balaclavas and headbands from Turtle Fur, Black Strap, The Northface, Mt. Hardware, Coal, Dakine and many many more.


Have your gloves given up keeping your fingers warm?  We have gloves and mitts from Swany, Burton, Gordini, Dakine, Mt. Hardwear, The Northface, Marmot, Scott, 686 and Crab Grab.  Just need a glove liner?  We have that too!  Lightweight and midweight liners - just the perfect one to fit under your glove or mitt or just to wear while taking a brisk morning walk!

Happy Feet

There is nothing worse than cold feet. We have just the right socks for your feet.  Thin ones for those who have tight boots.  Thicker ones for those whose boots have a little room in them.  We have Merino Wool socks, socks absent of any wool and everything inbetween.  Come find the perfect sock for you from Wigwam, Fits, Hot Chilly's, Bridgedale, 686 and Burton.

Tuning Equipment

Are you a do it yourselfer??  We've got tuning kits for your skis or boards that are perfect to get you started. Have a tune kit already and need to replenish it?  We have that too!  Wax, base cleaner, scrapers, edgers, ptex and our own special blend bulk wax. 


We have bags for your skis, bags for your boards and bags for your gear. We have back packs for day trips, back packs that will carry your skis or board, and back packs to use as a school pack.  We also have several different kinds of boot bags - boots on the bottom, boots on the side, boots only or boots in a back pack. Come find out which one is right for you.